Vinyl Fence – PVC vs Wood Fences under Harsh Weather Conditions

Wood vs Vinyl Comparison for Weather Conditions For any outdoor structure, weather is a constant enemy. Fences are no exception to that rule. Harsh sunlight, rain and snowstorms, large fluctuations in temperature, and high winds all seem to conspire to damage or even destroy fences. How well your fence handles those weather conditions determines how long your fence will last. When comparing the weather resistance of traditional wood fences and today’s top-quality PVC vinyl fences, it’s clear that wooden fences come in a distant second. Bufftech PVC vinyl fences from CertainTeed withstand weather extremes by design. A properly installed Bufftech fence will be standing tall and looking beautiful long after lower-quality vinyl fences and wood fences fail. Vinyl fencing is low maintenance compared to wood. In addition, a quality vinyl fence doesn’t fade in colors like wood.

How Weather Deteriorates & Destroys Wood Fences

PVC vs Wood Fencing As the leading fence supplier in the US, we’ve been in this business in Minnesota for over three decades. We’ve seen what weather can do to fences. That’s one of the reasons we’ve always supplied only high-quality materials to our customers, both in Minnesota and throughout America. We know that a fence that doesn’t hold up in the weather is no bargain at all. Here are some of the ways that weather can destroy a wood or cheap vinyl fence and how Bufftech PVC vinyl fences resist that destruction:

Affordable, Quality Fencing Products for DIY Installation

At our national direct-shipping fencing supply company, second best just won’t do for our customers. Before we offer a product, we compare quality and select only the best. Bufftech PVC vinyl fencing from CertainTeed is our choice to offer our customers throughout the United States. Offering top quality and great pricing, Bufftech vinyl fencing is your best choice. Our volume purchasing power and direct shipping assures you of highly competitive pricing for this trusted, high quality vinyl fencing. Call us today with your vinyl fence requirements. We’ll create a complete materials list for you, quote our best price, and get your order to you quickly. Join our long list of satisfied customers and create a great fence.