PVC Fencing Supplies – Vinyl vs Wood Fencing in Fading & Yellowing

Wood vs Vinyl PVC Fence Color Fading One of the drawbacks of traditional wood fences is that they fade over time due to sunlight exposure. Bufftech vinyl fences are designed and formulated to stand up to years of bright sunlight without fading, yellowing, or changing color. What that means for you is that you can install your new vinyl fence as a DIY project and forget about those problems. It’s just one of the ways that Bufftech PVC fences outperform traditional wood fences and provide outstanding value over time.

From the first day after you install a traditional wood fence, UV light from the sun begins fading that wood. In a surprisingly short time, an unpainted wood fence starts to fade and turn gray. Painted fences need regular repainting, since sunlight can also break the bond between paint and wood, causing cracking and peeling. You’ll have no such problems with your Bufftech PVC vinyl fence, and you’re protected by the Bufftech limited lifetime warranty on the finishes. Vinyl fences are lower in maintenance than wood fences. Additionally, PVC fencing withstands harsh weather better than wood.

Fading & Yellowing Are Caused by Ultraviolet Light

Vinyl PVC Fence Color Protection Ultraviolet light is part of the spectrum of light anytime the sun shines. UV rays can penetrate even cloudy skies. Exposure to UV light is the reason for sunburns in people, and damage to many materials. Fading, yellowing & decolorization are often the result of long exposure to the UV rays from sunlight in all sorts of materials. UV light is so powerful that it can even turn clear glass a deep purple. For fences, UV light is the enemy. Wood fences quickly show the power of that light by fading and turning gray over time. Even painted fences are affected, changing color, cracking, peeling and slowly losing their new look.

Bufftech vinyl fencing is made of a special formula of high-quality materials. To protect your fence, CertainTeed includes Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) in its formulation. While some manufacturers use only a small amount of this material, Bufftech PVC vinyl contains 10 parts per 100 of the protective TiO2 in its vinyl formula. The result is a material that resists UV light and virtually eliminates fading and yellowing in light colored fences.

Fade Protection for Bufftech’s Other Colors Too

For its darker colored fences, Bufftech’s proprietary ColorLast Dark Color Fade Protection uses an acrylic formulation that provides excellent protection against fading. ColorLast technology keeps colors vibrant for years, even when exposed to harsh sunlight. ColorLast protection is included with Natural Clay, Autumn Brown, Arbor Blend, Arctic Blend, Brazilian Blend, Honey Blend, Sierra Blend, and Weathered Blend colors, available on many Bufftech vinyl fence styles.

Top Supplier of PVC Vinyl Fencing Nationwide

Wherever you live and whatever the season, our Minneapolis based fence company recommends Bufftech vinyl fencing from CertainTeed. We’ve selected this manufacturer over all other vinyl fence manufacturers because we know that it provides the performance and beauty you demand and deserve. Our volume purchasing lets us pass our price savings along to our customers, and our direct shipping from the manufacturer speeds your order to you. Contact us now to discuss your PVC vinyl fencing plans. We’ll give you a great price quote, assemble your entire materials list, and assist you with every aspect of your fence order.