PVC Vinyl Fencing – Vinyl vs Wood Horse Fences

Vinyl Horse Fence Post Rail Wood has been a popular material for horse fences. However, the high cost of maintaining and repairing the fence has made horse owners look for alternative materials. Rotting, fading and warping are common for a wood horse fence. Required regular maintenance and replacement of rotten posts and rails make owning a fence very expensive over time.

Post and rail vinyl fencing from Bufftech is popular with horse owners for many reasons. It’s great looking, easy to install, and offers the strength and durability that is needed for horse enclosures of any size. Best of all, horses are unlikely to chew or crib a PVC vinyl fence. Vinyl fencing is just not attractive to horses with those habits, and doesn’t provide the rewards that wood fencing does for horses.

Cribbing and Wood Chewing Are Common Problems

Vinyl Horse Fencing Installation Both of these bad habits are thought to be compulsive behaviors in horses, but the causes of cribbing and wood chewing aren’t thoroughly understood. What is easy to understand, though, is the damage horses can do to traditional wood post and rail fencing. Replacing chewed wood increases the cost of horse ownership, and the action can damage horse’s teeth. Here’s how Bufftech PVC vinyl post and rail fencing can help minimize that damage and keep your fenced areas looking their best.

Durable Vinyl Post and Rail Fence Supplier

Easy to install and maintenance-free, Bufftech PVC vinyl post and rail fencing is available in two and three-rail styles, and in natural looking woodgrain finishes. At our national direct-shipping fence supply company, we have supplied horse owners and other property owners with Bufftech post and rail fencing for many years. It’s ideal for horse and other livestock enclosures and maintains its great appearance and durability far longer than traditional wood fencing. Call us today with the dimensions for your property. We’ll give you a very competitive price quote and create a complete materials list for you. Then, we’ll expedite your shipment direct from the supplier.