Vinyl Fencing Supplies – How Much Does a Vinyl Fence Cost?

Vinyl Fence Prices When you’re planning to build a new fence, how much that fence costs is always a consideration. At our discount fencing supplies company, we understand that your budget is always a factor in your choice. Most people look at top-quality vinyl fencing, like the Bufftech products that we offer, and compare the cost to similar wood fencing. There’s no question: The initial cost of a PVC vinyl fence is higher than that of a similar wood fence. But that’s not the best way to do a price comparison. Instead, think about a fence in terms of its lifetime on your property.

When you build a new fence, you aren’t building it to last just a year or even ten years. A fence should be a permanent addition to your property, providing decades of beauty and protection. That means that the cost of your new fence could increase over time, if additional or continuing maintenance and repairs are required. A wood fence will need both maintenance and repair. A vinyl fence will be virtually maintenance-free, throughout its lifetime. Here are some of the factors you should consider:

With Vinyl Fencing, You Pay for Your Fence Just Once

Unlike wood fencing, the cost of a Bufftech vinyl fence is a one-time cost. While wood fences need repairs, replacement of components, and refinishing on a regular basis, your vinyl fence just keeps looking beautiful and retains its appearance for decades. You don’t have the extra costs and deterioration that a wooden fence always faces, but only pay once for your materials and installation. When you add up the total cost of necessary maintenance and repairs for wood fencing over time, a Bufftech PVC vinyl fence from CertainTeed is a terrific value, saving you both time and expense over its lifetime. That’s why more and more property owners choose Bufftech vinyl fencing over wood every year.

Low Cost Fencing Supplier Nationwide

At our direct-shipping fence company, we’ve always understood that top-quality fencing provides the best value for any fence. When it comes to traditional picket, semi-privacy, or privacy fencing, we know that Bufftech PVC vinyl fencing provides true fencing value over time when compared to wood fencing. Its top-quality design, materials, and manufacturing provide a beautiful, durable fence that retains that beauty and durability without additional maintenance and repair costs. There’s just no comparison when you measure the true value of your fence. Contact us soon to discuss your fencing project. Let us show you why a Bufftech PVC vinyl fence is your best choice.