Top-Quality Turnstile Gates – Waist-High Tripod & Full-Height Turnstiles

Access control and security for all types of business, government, and industrial applications is of prime concern today. Controlling entrances to buildings, property, and individual zones is of paramount importance to many organizations. Turnstiles and turnstile security gates of all types are an important class of access control equipment, and a variety of types and designs are required to meet every access control need. Our discount turnstile supply company has selected a wide range of proven, time-tested turnstile products from Boon Edam, the recognized world leader in access control products. Our volume purchasing arrangements makes it possible for us to offer competitive pricing and pass along our savings to our customers. Our turnstile experts can provide the advice and assistance you need to make the ideal selection of the products you need.

From monitoring and controlling pedestrian traffic in a variety of applications to high-security metal-detecting turnstiles and operator-controlled entry systems, we can provide the variety and quality you’re looking for. Equipped with token, coin, barcode control systems or interfaced with any access control system, Boon Edam turnstile gates are the state-of-the-art solutions for your organization. Our discount turnstile supply company is your one-stop-shop for all of these products. Shipped direct to you from the manufacturer’s distribution center, you’ll get exactly the products you need, delivered to your location quickly.

If you need a new or replacement turnstile, contact us to discuss which types and models of turnstiles match your needs. We will provide you an accurate quote on the cost of your turnstile. Our low prices are part of our commitment to providing quality products at affordable prices. You also save on shipping cost since all turnstiles will be shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Discount Supplier for Tripod Turnstiles, Full-Height Pedestrian Turnstiles & Security Gates

As the most trusted turnstile supplier, we recognize your need for security and access control products. We’ve chosen only the top-quality turnstile gates and other access control systems available to offer our customers. Our experienced consultants will be glad to work with you to specify exactly the products that will meet your needs, and you’ll find prices for these products that make sense for your bottom line. Contact International Security Products about your plans or submit a price quote request specifying the model number you’re considering. We’ll provide the help you need to make the best choices.