Waist-High Tripod Turnstiles for Pedestrian Access Control

Widely-used in all types of venues for access control and metering of pedestrian traffic, waist-high tripod turnstiles from Boon Edam, the world leader in access control products, are readily accepted by everyone. Available in models that range from simple mechanical and optical models for measuring traffic to sophisticated models for controlling pedestrian access, there’s a waist-high turnstile to match any need and any desired access control system. Our turnstile supply company supplies all of these products, and stands ready to answer all of your questions and help you choose the ideal system for your particular situation.

If you are buying new or replacement turnstile systems, we will be happy to discuss which models fit your needs best. We offer installation advice, competitive pricing and low-cost shipping. With our volume purchasing from the manufacturers, we are able to get discount prices on all tripod turnstiles. We pass the savings to our customers. In addition, we save your shipping cost through factory-direct shipping.

Tripod Waist-High Turnstile Gate Supply Company

You can rely on our discount turnstile supply company to be your experienced, professional source for information and products for any pedestrian access control and metering need. We carry a wide range of waist-height security turnstiles that control pedestrian traffic through mechanical or optical mechanisms or through ticket-scanning or coin-collection to provide unattended access control. Our turnstile experts can help you at any stage of your installation project, from selecting the right turnstiles and control systems for attended and unattended operation to supplying you with the products you select at excellent prices. Our long experience with these products is your assurance of quality products, on-time delivery, and excellent value. Contact us soon with your needs or request a price quote for a specific product or products.