Deluxe Tripod Turnstile Gate Systems for Security Access Control

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When appearance is important to your security access control plans, TUT-60 series deluxe security turnstile gates from Boon Edam offer great appearance, along with the high-quality tripod design and manufacturing that has given Boon Edam its leadership in turnstile technology. Available in satin-finish stainless steel or powder-coated carbon steel exteriors, both stationary and portable models are available, with interfaces available to match your exact access control needs. A cut above basic turnstile gates, these deluxe tripod turnstile systems will complement your company’s decor, while providing durable, reliable service for years to come.

Our commitment to providing high-quality turnstile products after competitive prices is reflected in our low pricing. Our large-volume purchasing allows the manufacturer to give us deep discounts. We pass the savings to our customers. All products are shipped directly from the factory and you will save on shipping cost. Besides low prices, we offer support and answers regarding your turnstile installation and configuration.

Tripod Security Turnstile Gate & Access Control Systems

At our turnstile supply company, we know that there’s no single solution for every access control and security application. That’s why we offer a complete range of security turnstile gates from Boon Edam, the world leader in turnstile design and manufacturing. Our experienced security consultants can help you select and specify turnstiles for any use, complete with the interfaces and control options you require. Our factory-direct shipping will speed your selection to you, while you save money by taking advantage of our high-volume purchasing. Contact us today with your access control needs.