Transparent Clear Polycarbonate Turnstile Security Systems

For maximum acceptance by people entering your facility to complete visibility of entrants for your security personnel, clear polycarbonate turnstiles provide both. The public accepts these transparent turnstiles better than the solid bars of a typical full-height turnstile, and that acceptance spells better cooperation. For your security personnel, the ability to be able to see entrants clearly as they pass through the turnstile provides an additional measure of confidence. Our turnstile supply company offers clear polycarbonate transparent turnstiles from Boon Edam to meet your security specifications, along with the expertise you need to select the system that’s best for your application.

If you plan on purchasing a clear transparent turnstile for new installation or replacing an existing turnstile, we will be happy to discuss you can take advantage of the quality we offer, along with low pricing. Because of our volume-purchasing power, we are able to get the lowest prices and we pass the saving to our customers. Plus, with factor direct shipping, your final cost on a clear turnstile will be even lower.

Reliable Source for Clear Transparent Turnstiles for Security Access

At our security turnstile supplier, we understand that there is no single access control system that meets the needs of every situation. That’s why we offer a complete range of turnstile products to give you the choices you need to customize your access control and security needs to match your unique needs. Our seasoned access control consultants will use their extensive knowledge and experience to help you select and specify high-quality products at any time. Then, we provide those products to you at prices that reflect our volume purchasing, low overhead, and manufacturer-direct shipping. Your bottom line will show you why International Security Products is your best choice. Contact us to discuss your needs or ask us for a price quote for our quality products.