Automatic Barcode Scanning and Ticketing Tripod Turnstiles

To control access where tickets are sold before entry, Boon Edam’s TUT-65 series of waist-high ticketing turnstiles is a perfect match for you. Available either in ticket-collecting or barcode-reading models, you get easy entry control for venues of all kinds. Available in stationary or portable versions, their mechanical or scanning systems keep accurate attendance numbers. Barcode-scanning models are compatible with all third-party ticket scanning systems. Stainless steel housings shrug off heavy pedestrian traffic. Boon Edam’s reputation for durability and dependability is your assurance of quality performance.

We offer the full range of waist-height turnstiles for various access control needs. We have the best pricing available through our volume purchasing from the manufacturing. If you plan to install new turnstiles or replace old turnstiles, we will be happy to discuss what products best fit your needs. We will also provide you an accurate price quote on how much the new turnstiles cost. We also offer low-cost shipping because all products are shipped directly from the factory.

Discount Supplier of Barcode-Scanning & Tripod Ticket Turnstiles

Offering the complete range of Boon Edam access control and metering turnstiles, our turnstile supply company is your one-stop shop for all ticket turnstiles. Our volume buying power, expert assistance in helping you create the exact system you need, and our factory-direct shipping means that you get exactly the access control solution you need and save costs. Call us today with your requirements and let one of our experienced access control and security consultants assist you with your order.