Ameristar Matrix Grid Perimeter Fencing for Electric Power Utility Installations

Power Energy Utility Perimeter Fencing Electrical power infrastructure facilities in the United States are at high risk for terrorist threats, both to physical facilities and data control centers. When it comes to vulnerability to potential sabotage by terrorists and malicious intruders, transformer substations, power distribution facilities and remote, unattended installations are of special concern. Protecting those sites with high security perimeter fences is the first line of defense. When CIP-014 standards go into effect, electric power companies will be required to install fences that meet those standards. Ameristar has created its Matrix perimeter enclosure grid system with those standards as the basis for its engineering. This adaptable and expandable design lets you implement a security perimeter that will be able to meet the highest standard.

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As the leading discount, direct-shipping fence supplier, we offer the Ameristar Matrix perimeter grid system as the core of our high security product line. We ship directly from the manufacturer and have experts who can assist our customers with specification and selection of products to meet their requirements. Our low pricing derives from our high-volume purchasing. Our hands-on customer service is designed to add value through helping organizations create complete materials lists for installations that precisely meet their requirements. Here are some of the reasons Matrix security fencing is the optimal choice for electric utilities and other organizations: