Ameristar Matrix High Security Perimeter Fencing Is Designed for Customization

Safety Act Certified Fence Protecting your electric utility infrastructure facilities or other installations demands flexibility of design to match the exact security threats you face. That’s why Ameristar designed Matrix perimeter grid fences with almost unlimited customization in mind. Each facility has unique requirements and specifications which can be easily met with the Matrix product line. If requirements change after initial installation, you can add features at any time. That flexibility allows you to adapt to new regulations from government agencies when changes are made. The Matrix system’s modular design is engineered for change. Some of the areas in which customization lets you match your secured perimeter enclosure to your needs include:

Ameristar’s Matrix Perimeter Grid Fences at Discount Prices

As the leading discount fencing supplier, our specialists are always ready to help you choose options for your Matrix perimeter enclosure that match your needs and requirements. We will assist you in creating a complete materials list for your project to ensure the most efficient and timely installation. Our volume purchasing power lets us pass along our savings to you when you order from us. Your order will be shipped directly from the manufacturer to save money on shipping costs by eliminating warehousing and additional transit time. Contact us today to discuss your perimeter security requirements and for assistance in specifying the exact products and accessories you need to meet the required standards.