Folding Scissor Gates – Economical Security & Protection

Scissors Gate Folding scissor gates are a popular and economical way to secure a wide variety of facilities. From roll-up doors on buildings and display windows in retail stores to blocking interior passageways and controlling access to non-public areas, the scissor gate has been common use for many decades. Easy to operate and easy to lock, they help prevent unauthorized intrusion and vandalism effectively and at low cost.

Quickly installed without the need for special tools, a high-quality folding scissor gate can quickly turn almost any opening into a secure opening. They can be ordered as single gates or double gates and are even available in portable form for use on a temporary basis when needed.

All scissor gates are made of 3/4″ wide 14 gauge steel channel, riveted back to back with solid steel rivets. The uprights are made from 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 1/8″ thick hot rolled angle iron. The finish on all gates is black enamel paint.

Our security gate company can supply folding scissor gates in almost any width or height. Our high-quality gates are made of steel and built and finished with care, to provide many years of smooth operation and rust-free service. If you need a scissor gate for a new application or to replace a balky, hard-to-use existing scissors gate, we’ll be happy to give you a money-saving price quote that includes shipping cost. Because we buy large quantities of these gates from the manufacturer, we get better discounts when compared to other fence companies. We pass along the saving to our customers and offer the most competitive prices on scissor gates. Plus, with factory-direct shipping, your shipping cost will be greatly reduced, saving you even more. We provide free advice on the gate selection and installation.

Security Scissor Gates & Access Control Products

Scissor gates are just one of the many fence, security, and access control products available at our fence and gate company. We encourage you to explore the pages of our website to learn about all of the products we offer. With every gate product, our dedication to quality and service is your assurance of complete satisfaction with every order. Our seasoned, experienced fence and security consultants are available at all times and will work with you to answer all question and to help you with your order. Contact International Security Products to discuss your needs or request a price quote on your project. Let us show you how high-quality products and dedicated service can actually save money.