Bufftech Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fences

Available in styles to complement any property, Bufftech Vinyl semi-privacy fences offer a combination of privacy and air flow for your yard. Neighbors and passers-by can’t see into your yard without being very close to the fence, but breezes can circulate and some light can pass through. Semi-privacy fences are a smart option, and they are attractive from both sides, so they’re “good neighbor” fences all around. For the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) fence installer, they go up quickly, due to Bufftech’s unique engineering for fast assembly. The colors are permanently in the vinyl material, so there’s never a need to paint or perform any maintenance. Depending on the style, panel heights range from 3′ to 6′, with color and texture options available. You’re sure to find a style in this line that will a perfect match for your home.

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Large Selection of Vinyl Semi-Privacy Fence Panels from Bufftech

Semi-privacy fences are popular with many homeowners for their economy, attractive appearance and privacy features without sacrificing air flow. Our discount fence supply company has selected vinyl semi-privacy fences by Bufftech to offer our customers. For value, ease of installation, durability, and quality engineering, they can’t be beat. Thanks to our volume purchasing discounts, we’re able to offer these materials at prices that fit your budget, and our factory-direct shipping, and hands-on design assistance from seasoned fencing experts assures you that you’ll get exactly the materials you want, complete and ready-to-install on delivery. Contact International Security Products to order and for answers to your questions, or request a free price quote.