Perimeter Steel Fencing for All High-Security Facilities

Oil Refinery Security FencingAlthough the Matrix grid perimeter steel fence system was specifically designed to protect power utilities from terrorism threats, it’s also a natural choice for other installations and facilities that have similar risks. Its unmatched protection against climbing, cutting and ramming by vehicles, along with its grid panel options that reduce visibility from outside make it especially suitable wherever outstanding protection from terrorism or sabotage is needed. Compatibility with intrusion detection systems, video monitoring and other electronic monitoring systems is also a plus for any location that requires the utmost in high security perimeter protection. Consider Ameristar Matrix steel fencing product line supplied by our discount store for facilities such as:

Ameristar Matrix High Security Steel Fencing for Vulnerable Facilities

Wherever maximum security enclosures are needed, Ameristar’s Matrix system offers a cost-effective, easy-to-install perimeter system. With its flexibility, upgradeability and customizing options, the product line allows any organization to install a perimeter fence around an entire property or in selected areas that demand enhanced protection against entry. At our discount fencing supplies store, thinking outside of the box lets us assist our customers in finding an ideal solution for any requirement. If you have an installation or area that requires the utmost in security, call us to discuss how we can provide an ideal, money-saving solution. We’ll help you create a complete materials list and arrange for fast shipping from the manufacturer.