Metal Detector and Biometric Security Turnstiles for Access Control

Security concerns are on everyone’s mind today. If your facility requires metal detection access control or even the high-level security of biometric identification before entry is allowed, our security turnstile supply company offers products from Boon Edam, the world’s leader in access control turnstile technology, to meet your needs. Metal detector turnstile gates prevent entry if metal objects are detected, until security personnel resolve the situation. These are available for both interior and exterior applications. For maximum-security applications, advanced two-stage Mantrap entry systems require valid identification before an individual can enter the turnstile. Then, the system retains the entrant and checks biometric identification before allowing the turnstile to complete its rotation. International Security Products’ experienced access control consultants can help you select exactly the system you need, then supply the system to you direct from the manufacturer.

Metal detector turnstiles are a specialty at our security product supplies company. We offer low pricing on top-quality products. Our volume-purchasing power allows us to have the lowest turnstile prices. Plus, we ship turnstiles directly from the factory, saving you even more. We provide installation support on all our products, along with detailed product information that helps you decide what turnstile models best match your facility.

Metal Detection Turnstile Gate for Security Access Control

When you need high-security access control products, you can rely on our turnstile supply company to provide the high-quality, reliable turnstiles you need from Boon Edam. Our experienced access control consultants can answer all of your questions and recommend products that match your needs precisely. Our volume purchasing status lets us offer you rock bottom pricing and manufacturer-direct shipping that will get those products to your site on schedule. Contact us today to discuss your needs or request a price quote on a particular model or system.