Vertical Lift Gates & Automatic Gate Operators

When your vehicle traffic access control situation is complicated by very limited space on the sides of the traffic route, traditional gates and gate operators can’t provide the solution. Automatic sliding and cantilever gates require long side areas, and even vertical pivot gates can’t be installed without side space. Barrier gates don’t offer adequate security in many situations. In all of these situations, an automatic vertical lift gate and operator may be the answer. Available to handle widths up to 60′ wide, vertical lift gates are opened by lifting the entire gate vertically between columns. A counterweight and continuous loop drive system make the gate move up and down quickly and smoothly, even in high usage situations. Since the gate system spans the entire width of the access road, security is assured when the gate is closed.

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Our security fence and gate company can supply vertical lift gates, automatic operators, and control systems for any need. Each gate is specified to suit the exact conditions and dimensions at your facility, and our experienced staff can help you create a complete package that will meet your precise needs.

With our high purchase volumes, we get special discounts on gates and gate operators from the manufacturers. We offer the most competitive pricing and reduce your cost. With factory-direct shipping, you save on shipping as well. We will be happy to offer you a free quote on how much your new gate and gate operator cost. We provide advice and support on installation and will answer all your questions before and after the sale. It is part of our commitment of providing quality products and great customer service.

Complete Vertical Lift Gate & Electric Lift Gate Operator Supplier

If a vertical lift gate is the best solution for your specialized vehicle access control needs, our security gate company is your ideal supplier. Our experienced professionals can work with you to take your basic requirements and dimensions and help you specify a complete vertical lift gate, operator, and control system that will meet your needs precisely. When International Security Products is on the job, you don’t need to be an expert. Our experts will work diligently with you to create the solution you need. Then, our advantageous volume buying discounts and factory direct shipping arrangements with the gate manufacturer will expedite your products and keep your total costs low. Contact International Security Products today to discuss your vertical lift gate needs with one of our seasoned professionals. Let us show you why International Security Products is the fencing, security, and access control company of choice for so many customers around the nation.