PVC Fencing Products – How Long Does a Vinyl Fence Last?

How Long Vinyl PVC Fences Last As you drive around the area where you live, take a look at the fences you pass. You’ll notice something right away. Wood fences, long a popular choice in picket and privacy fences, begin deteriorating as soon as they are installed. Over the years, wood warps, weathers and fades. Fence posts begin to deteriorate and rot. If the fence is painted, the paint fades, cracks and peels after a few years, requiring constant repainting.

Now, look at the high quality PVC vinyl fences in the area. Due to the special qualities of PVC vinyl, there is no rotting, warping, cracking or peeling. Fence posts don’t rot, and the fence never needs painting. Even after many years of service, a top-quality vinyl fence, like those from Bufftech, continues to stand tall and retains its beauty. As a leader discount fence supplier, we recognize that endurance and low maintenance are highly desirable by our customers and lower the total cost of ownership.

Bufftech’s Enduring Qualities Mean True Value

Durable Vinyl PVC Fence Every Bufftech vinyl fence style is designed and manufactured to last a lifetime. Impact-resistant vinyl components, routed posts and rails, steel-reinforced bottom rails and aluminum-framed gates provide outstanding strength. UV-resistant vinyl compounds and acrylic formulations for colored fences resist fading from constant sunlight and eliminate the need for the repainting wood fences require. What that means to you is that your investment in a top-quality Bufftech PVC fence is a one-time cost. Over the lifetime of your new Bufftech fence, you won’t have to worry about its endurance or appearance. At our discount fence outlet, we make vinyl fencing more affordable with our low prices. Our manufacturer’s direct shipping further reduces the cost. Whether you plan to install the fence yourself or hire a contractor for the job, we guarantee to supply the highest-quality products.

Lifetime Warranty for Peace of Mind

Bufftech’s lifetime limited, transferable warranty is your assurance that the fence you install will retain its appearance through the decades. Whether you choose a natural PVC vinyl color or one of many additional colors, your fence won’t fade, rot or peel during its lifetime. While your neighbor’s wood fence needs constant repainting and post replacements after just a few years, your vinyl fence will just keep looking its best with little or no maintenance. Bufftech stands behind its quality, and you can count on the savings of owning a lifetime fence that will prove its value, year after year.

Leading National Discount Fencing Supplier

Before our national fence supply company offers a product to our customers, we examine similar products from a wide range of manufacturers. When it comes to PVC vinyl fencing, our choice was simple. We chose Bufftech PVC vinyl fencing because it delivers the durability, endurance, beauty, and value our customers expect from us. Our reputation depends on the quality of the products that we ship throughout the country, so we won’t settle for anything less than the best. Neither should you. Call us to discuss your fence installation project. Our seasoned experts will help you with every aspect of your design and materials list, and we’ll provide a price quote that reflects our volume purchasing discounts and manufacturer-direct shipping. We don’t just sell fencing products; we sell true value.