Electric Gate Operators – Built-in Power Failure Features

Electric Swing Gate Opener Electrically operated gate opening and closing equipment is used in both residential and commercial settings for security and access control for vehicles. Any location, however, can experience occasional power outages. When they occur, provisions for controlling gates manually are necessary to allow access and prevent occupants from being trapped inside the gates. Whether you have swinging gates, sliding gates, or barrier gates installed, dealing with power outages is always an important consideration. Linear gate operators incorporate power failure features in every model. Here’s a rundown on how these features work:

Pedestrian Gates Are Required for All Installations

Electrically operated gates are not safe for pedestrian use. All installations require a separate pedestrian gate, at least 7′ from the drive gate for safety reasons. In case of power outages, these pedestrian gates allow safe access to and exit from the site. Power operated gates are designed for vehicular traffic only. They are powerful and heavy, and their control and safety features are designed for vehicles, not foot traffic. Pedestrian traffic should always be directed to pedestrian gates, regardless of whether power is on or when there has been a power failure.

Complete Supplies of Automatic Gate Operators and Accessories

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