Heavy-Duty Galvanized Chain Link Fences – Economical Security Fencing

Any chain link fence requires multiple components. At our fence supply company we’ve created complete chain link fence packages that contain all the materials needed for a fence at several different heights. Naturally, we can also create a custom order for you for chain link fences of any length. All we need is a layout sketch, including all dimensions, gate locations and widths, and the height of the fence. With that in hand, our professional fence consultant can build a complete materials list and give you an accurate quote. When your order is shipped, it will include everything you need for the fence, ready to install, except for the concrete for the posts.

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Quality Components Make a Quality Chain Link Fence

Cutting corners on materials for a chain link fence can result in rusting and deterioration of your fence. When that happens, you lose the long term cost advantages of building your fence with proven top-quality components. At our fence store, we only sell quality materials, so you can count on your fence to return the most on your investment.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence Pricing

Due to the constant fluctuations in the price of steel, all galvanized fencing orders will be priced at the time of the order. Gates and gate hardware are not included in the per foot price of galvanized fencing. Freight charges are calculated at the time of the order.

9 Gauge galvanized fence fabric, 2" mesh
1-5/8" O.D. SCH40 weight galvanized top rail
2" O.D. SCH40 weight galvanized line post
2-1/2" O.D. SCH40 weight, gate and corner post
Width & Height
48" fence, complete
2-1/2" end or gate post
2-1/2" corner post
Ballfield perimeters
60" fence, complete
2-1/2" end or gate post
2-1/2" corner post
Boundary fence
Recreation areas
72" fence, complete
2-1/2" end or gate post
2-1/2" corner post
Athletic fields
Storage facilities
Electric sub-stations
84" fence, complete
2-1/2" end or gate post
2-1/2" corner post
High security areas
Lumber yards
96" fence, complete
2-1/2" end or gate post
2-1/2" corner post
Electric generating plants
Municipal storage
Airport security
The above materials will be quoted as a per foot cost of complete fence. This includes 9 line posts per 100 feet, tops, top rail, fence fabric and ties. End/gate and corner posts are complete except for hinges.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence Supply Store

If you’re planning a chain link fence project, our discount fence store wants to be your supplier. Our volume buying lets us pass on our advantageous discount arrangements, and your order will be shipped directly from the chain link fence manufacturer, so you pay only one shipping charge. Send us a dimensioned sketch of your project, with gate widths, for a preliminary price quote for the materials. One of our experienced chain link fence experts will contact you and finalize the order with you and discuss any special requirements you have. Once we have a complete materials list and confirm it with you, we’ll give you a final price quote. We offer deep discounts on our products and our customers love our low prices and low-cost shipping. When you contact International Security Products, you’re talking to a fence expert, not just an order-taker. Contact us today to discuss your plans or submit your layout sketch for a quick price quote.