Full-Height Turnstiles for Maximum Access and Security Control

Full-height turnstiles from International Security Products provide secure control over pedestrian access to your facility. They provide complete control over entry, using either an operator or attendant to release the turnstile or automated entry control systems. These turnstiles are available in several configurations, and can operate in one-way or two-way modes. Low-voltage control circuitry and built-in safety features protect entrants, while you retain total control over your premises. As the leading manufacturer of security turnstiles, Boon Edam is our choice of suppliers of full-height access turnstiles, for its well-earned reputation for quality in engineering, innovation, and reliability. Our experienced turnstile access control consultants will be happy to help you select and order exactly the product that suits your application.

We offer a full range of full-height turnstiles for various access control needs at affordable prices. Through volume purchasing, we get discounts from the manufacturer and we pass the savings to our customers. When buying from us, you will save on shipping cost as all products are shipped to your location directly from the factory. If you are looking for new turnstiles or replacement turnstiles, contact us for a free quote on the cost. We will discuss with you what products best-fit your needs. We provide installation support for all our products.

Reliable Discount Full-Height Security Turnstile Supplier

At our security turnstile supply company, we know that your needs for access control products are complex. Specifying exactly the products you need isn’t simple. So, our turnstile specialists are here to help you with answers to the most difficult questions about these products. Our long relationship with Boon Edam, the world’s leading turnstile manufacturer, means that we can pass along our volume purchasing discounts to you, and you save even more through direct shipping from the manufacturer. Contact us today with your access control needs or request a price quote for a specific product. Let us show you how our expertise can simplify your access control needs.