Full-Height Turnstile Access Gate Systems

When you need maximum-security access control, there’s no substitute for full-height turnstile gate systems. Boon Edam’s THT-100 series of basic full-height turnstiles provide the security you need for both indoor and exterior access control of both supervised and unsupervised installations. Chose from 3-arm turnstiles or 4-arm turnstile designs that provide even more control where piggybacking and material removal are issues. Tandem models are also available in a range of widths for maximum flexibility. Choose from a variety of finishes to suit your particular application. All are compatible with any type of card reader or biometric systems or manual operation, and use a low voltage 24 VDC operating system. They can be operated in fail-safe or fail-lock configurations, with manual key release override safeguards.

We supply top-quality turnstiles at competitive prices with low shipping cost. Our high-volume purchasing of turnstile products allows us to get deep discounts from the manufacturer and we pass along the cost savings to our customers. Whether you need full-height turnstiles for new installation or you plan to replace old turnstiles, we have the right products at the right prices. Call us and we will be happy to discuss what models best fit your needs. We also provide you an accurate price quote on new turnstiles.

Top-Quality Security Turnstile Access Systems

At our security turnstile supplier, we understand your security and access control needs, and offer a full range of full-height turnstile access gates from Boon Edam to meet your requirements. Our expert security access consultants are happy to work with you to match your needs with the specific turnstile solution. Call us today to discuss your installation project and to order the turnstiles you need. Take advantage of our high-volume purchasing, expert assistance, and factory direct shipping for fast service and great savings. We provide installation support for all our products.