Automatic Electronic Security Tripod Turnstile Gates

When heavy pedestrian traffic, constant use, and potential abuse are important factors in your access control, Boon Edam’s TST-75 series of heavy-duty automatic electronic tripod turnstiles are the ideal solution. In use by public transit systems in New York and other cities, these rugged units have stood the test of time, high traffic volumes, and constant abuse. Available in several models and a variety of finishes, there’s a TST-75 security turnstile gate to match any tough application. Compatible with a wide range of token, coin, barcode, or other interfaces, you can customize your security turnstile to suit virtually any situation. Get the tough traffic control system you need for many years of reliable service in challenging environments with these heavy-duty access control turnstiles.

We offer a full range of waist-height turnstiles that are designed for heavy usage. Our pricing is highly competitive because we buy high volumes of products from the turnstile manufacturer. We offer low shipping cost for you to save more. If you need heavy-duty turnstiles for new installation or replacement, contact us for a free quote on how much your new turnstiles cost. We also offer support and installation guidance on all of our products.

Heavy-Duty Security Access Control & Automatic Tripod Turnstiles

Regardless of the conditions where you need turnstiles to control access and meter traffic, our security turnstile supply company can provide you with a Boon Edam automatic turnstile that will provide solid, reliable service for many years. Even in applications where the potential for abuse is high, the automatic tripod turnstiles from this world-renowned manufacturer stand up and deliver the performance you demand. You can rely on our experienced security consultants to help you choose the products you need and the accessories that adapt it to your exact needs. Contact us today to take advantage of our expertise, volume purchasing power, and our fast factory-direct shipping.