Security Gate Operators – Automatic Gate Closing after a Vehicle Passes

Automatic Gate Closing Depending on the individual gate application, a commonly needed feature is automatic closing of the gate after a vehicle has passed through. The Linear gate operators supplied by our discount fencing store include automatic closing timers that can be set to close gates after a programmable time period has elapsed. For applications where automatic closing is not needed, this feature can be disabled. Examples of applications where automatic gate closing is not needed include facilities where the gate is opened at a set time and remains open to allow free access during business hours. For most other applications, however, gates are routinely opened and closed for each vehicle.

Automatic closing timers, though, are not the only need. Gates must not close while a vehicle is in the gate opening. For that reason, vehicle detectors, gate edge detectors and photoelectric devices are used to identify the presence of vehicles and override the auto-close timer. Depending on the individual installation, as many as three loop detectors, along with other devices, may be required to ensure that the gate closes only when no vehicle is present.

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Automatic Gate Openers Most Linear gate systems use its exclusive APeX digital controller that incorporates plug-and-play detector loop features and other vehicle detection device compatibility. The controller manages all requirements, including open, shadow, reset, and reversing loop detection devices. At the same time, it includes a built-in MegaCode radio receiver for personal transmitters and gate edge safety transmitters. Linear’s gate controller technology enables installers to set up and maintain automatic gate closing and all other gate control functions easily and efficiently.

Each installation is unique, and our security fence company can supply a full range of vehicle detection and other devices with your order to handle auto-close functions that suit your particular application. Available products include:

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Choosing a gate opener and its associated accessories for any installation can be a complex process. All too often, items are missed in creating the initial order, leading to not having all items required for the installation delivered at the same time. At our fence supplies store, our representatives have long experience with gate operators for a wide range of applications and configurations. When you call us, we can help you choose the right products and accessories to build a complete order that includes everything you need for your installation. It’s all part of our complete customer satisfaction policy. Combine that with great prices and direct shipping, and your commercial, industrial or residential will be completed on schedule and within your budget. Call us today and let us help you specify and order the exact gate operator system that fits your needs.