Aluminum Fence Products FAQs – Comparing Aluminum Fences to Steel Fences

Aluminum vs Steel Fences The look of the classic wrought iron fence is one that many homeowners and business owners want. However, the classic wrought iron fence is mostly history today, since its high cost to manufacture and install makes it prohibitive in cost, except in some specific situations. Today, ornamental steel fencing and aluminum fencing has replaced the old wrought iron fence, while retaining its appearance. Increasingly, fence buyers are choosing aluminum over steel. At our discount fence supply store, we provide high-quality aluminum ornamental fencing materials, manufactured by Jerith, the premier aluminum fence manufacturer, for our customers throughout the country. Here are some of the reasons that most customers choose aluminum ornamental fencing:

Aluminum Fence Is More Affordable & Easier to Install Than Steel Fence

At our fence supply company, we’ve selected Jerith aluminum fence to offer our discriminating customers. Jerith’s long history of manufacturing a wide variety of aluminum fence styles and grades, and the quality of the company’s engineering and manufacturing makes it an excellent choice for any ornamental fencing project. Our volume purchasing from Jerith means that we can pass on our volume discounts to our customers. We offer the most competitive prices and factory-direct shipping. On average, our prices are 30-40% lower than those found in your local stores. Our experienced fence consultants will help you with every aspect of your order, assuring you of receiving all the materials you need, shipped factory-direct to you. Contact us today to discuss your project with a fencing expert and for a price quote.