Aluminum Fencing FAQs – Strong Durable Ornamental Aluminum Fences

Powder Coated Aluminum Fence Frequently, the experts at our discount fence supplying company are asked whether aluminum ornamental fences have the strength needed to last for years. The answer can be found by looking at aluminum fences that have already been standing for decades. Aluminum is a very strong metal, despite its light weight. It is used for many purposes requiring reliable strength, including extensive use in large aircraft and other applications. The key to making the most of aluminum’s strength is through appropriate design. For fences, how the fence is used is an important factor. For example, fences used in residential applications aren’t under the same stresses as those used in commercial or industrial use.

That’s why Jerith manufactures multiple grades of its aluminum ornamental fencing. From its residential grade ornamental fencing to its industrial fencing, each grade is designed for different loads and stresses, and then over-engineered to take unusual situations in stride. Each component of a fence has different needs, from line posts and gate posts, to the rails and pickets that make up Jerith’s fence panels. For each grade of fencing, Jerith has designed in the strength needed for long life and endurance in every component. Your fence is designed to handle the stresses and forces it will meet in normal use and beyond. Choose the appropriate grade of fencing for your situation, and you can count on a fence that lasts. Some of the factors involved in designing strength into aluminum fencing include:

Aluminum Ornamental Fences – Strong by Design

At our discount decorative metal fence store, strength and quality are always top priorities for us, so we’ve investigated those qualities in the products we offer our customers. Our choice of Jerith aluminum fencing products is based on the actual performance of those products, and we’ve heard from our customers, both residential and commercial, that these powder-coated, well-engineered fences provide the strength and durability that assures great long-term value. Contact us soon to discuss your fencing needs or for a price quote on your project. Take advantage of International Security Products’ selection of only the best-made fence products for our customers.